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The best organisations plan

Planning is essential in efficiently achieving the goals of an organisation. The support of the planning should occur in a straightforward manner and should offer added value to all layers of an organisation. This is only possible if the support systems connect for the full 100% to the processes present in the organisation. 

Spreadsheets, a good start. Yet...

Spreadsheets are often used to support project portfolio management and planning. Spreadsheets are easily adjusted to the demands, straightforward to work with and offer added value to the user. The only problem is that it’s time consuming, prone to errors and non-integrated.

Smart solutions with Anago

Anago creates smart planning solutions that fit the organisation. A project organisation asks for a different type of management then administrative processes. A call centre is different than a professional service organisation. The planning experts of Anago model every situation fast and fitting to the process. The templates together with the unique Anago platform provide for a robust planning solution.


Anago has the look and feel of Excel. The data is presented in tables and graphs. Just like in Excel, data is captured in tables. Excel users can start working with Anago right away. Every table or graph can be copied straight to Excel and be adjusted. 

Anago is easy to use, yet supports very advanced and complex situations. Planning solutions with full automatic planning, statistic forecasting and simulations are possible. Anago is able to connect with all surrounding systems. 

Anago applications are a 100% browser based. There are no plugins or other components necessary. The application is approachable from every workspace with an internet connection and if necessary easily set up to be reached from all over the world. Anago Project Portfolio management can be hosted as a cloud application, but it can also run entirely on the internal infrastructure of an organisation. 

Our success stories

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