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Complex Organisations

Large organisations are confronted with complex organisation structures, complex processes and complex calculations. Quickly changing circumstances ask for another kind of support. 
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Full integration

Anago solutions fully integrate with spreadsheets, operational systems, financial systems and ERP systems, so that the relevant data can be used and exchanged. Everyone uses the same data everywhere. 
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Anago lets people and departments cooperate again. Operations, Finance & Control, HR, Sales, IT and Marketing all just use one single environment. 

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Migrate complex spreadsheets

Ideas and concepts arise to the line and staff side of organisations. Whether it is about resource planning, profitability analysis, risk management calculations, planning, forecasting, budgeting or cost price calculations: spreadsheets are used with success.

At a certain point, the spreadsheet is bursting at the seams. Too much data, not multi-user, no authorisation, too much manual work and error sensitive. Now what?

With Anago you stay close to the existing solution, but have the ability to grow unboundedly.

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