Anago is derived from the Old-Greek word Anagein, which means "raise to a higher level". We believe that planning helps organisations to continuously improve and differentiate from other organisations. We think that a planning only works for an organisation when it delivers added value to each organisational component. 

Anago realises plans that fit the organisation for 100%. This is achieved by using the unique Anago platform which features customisable modules that can be quickly deployed and adapted. Hereby we ensure organisations to further develop in the field of planning with along growing support. 

Anago consultants give advice in the field of planning and implement smart planning solutions which can be fully integrated with existing systems, making one integral approach possible.


Anago was founded in 1999 when two management consultants asked themselves what caused the large gap that existed between the spreadsheet and office-like applications on the organisation’s  'business' side and the tailor-made systems and packages on the IT side of the organisation. Tailor-made systems are expensive, take long to implement and are inflexible; packages, on the other hand, do not fit in well with the ‘business’ requirements.
They developed Anago Assemble, the solution to this problem: since applications are built with building blocks instead of traditional programming, customised solid systems are built in no time with the speed and flexibility of spreadsheets.