Skill Management at the brewery


One of Anago's clients is the Dutch division of one of the world’s largest beer producers. In the Netherlands several beer breweries are located at different locations. The Human Resource department identifies the skills of all employees and is engaged in planning trainings to keep the knowledge of the employees up to date.

State of Art

The HR department keeps track of both the aim and the current level of the employee skills in a so called Skill Matrix in a spreadsheet. The differences between both levels present are recorded in a gap analysis. Trainings are planned based on this analysis. The fact that such a large organisation deals with hundreds of skills and employees makes this a difficult task. A number of departments already works with this skill matrix, but it appears to be time consuming to spread this method to the rest of the organization.

The use of spreadsheet technology has led to the following bottlenecks:

  • Each department has its own spreadsheets, such that all of those spreadsheets need to be updated in case of changes. The management is not centralized and thereby time consuming.
  • Obtained trainings for a number of skills are only valid during a limited period. Yet this durability cannot automatically be registered in the spreadsheet.
  • The roll out to other departments proceeds slowly by the amount of time involved.
  • Employee data are once-off subtracted from SAP HR for the roll out, but the changes should be made in both environments afterwards.


The beer brewery has investigated the possibilities for a substitute system. From this investigation it appeared that the standard packages available did not meet their desires, but that a programmed customized solution would limit the flexibility. The intention is to increase the functionalities of the applications gradually. The management of the application should be in hands of the team coordinators within a department as much as possible. The IT-Coordinator came across Anago in his search and he brought Anago into contact with the business.

Anago's solution

By means of two workshops the needs of the organisation were identified in a functional design together with the HR managers of the various breweries and a number of team managers. It was attempted to stay as close as possible to the current spreadsheets to create extra carrying capacity. Afterwards the application was modelled in Anago with the help of the standard buildingblocks. The application consists of the following components:

  • (Centralised) management of the organisational structure, skills and employee data
  • Import of skill levels including a tool to enter groups of employees in one go
  • Insight into the underlying necessary knowledge of a skill by pressing a single button
  • Reports of the average skill levels, gap analysis and durability of skills

The reports are meant for more than a hundred executives. They can consult the data in the system at all times. Also employees who temporarily work for a different team are automatically visible for the correct executive.

In contrast to programmed customised systems, the Anago solution offers a number of required functionalities by default: export to Excel and PDF; data capturing, rotating and flipping tables; logging changes in data; backup; authorisation and connections to other systems.

Achieved benefits

By staying close to the current spreadsheet, it can easily be rolled out to other departments within the organisation. The usability of the system was hereby closely monitored, restricting the amount of manual entry of data.

Since a report was composed in which employees are shown for which the durability of a skill has passed it can no longer happen that employees are trained too late.

In a second phase the functionality will be extended with, among others, a live connection to SAP HR, a training schedule and a capacity planning in which work and availability will be aligned.

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