Complete integration of contracts, projects and hour registration

At Anago we believe that when making solutions for others, you have to make use of your own software as well. Or as the English saying goes, “Eat your own Dog Food”. And using our own software is something we have been doing for years with full conviction. We use Anago for our hour registration, contract management, invoices and project portfolio management. Just like many other organisations we used to use Excel Spreadsheets for these subjects. This was prone to mistakes, laborious and the integral overview was missing. Step by step we migrated the components to the Anago Planning platform. First the hour registration and subsequently the contract management and invoicing. The final step in the process was setting up the project planning.


Hour registration

All employees of Anago enter their hours per kind and per project per day. Only the projects which are appointed to the specific employee are shown in the hour registration. The standard work schedule, including the scheduled days off, are shown and it is also possible to enter extra details such as remarks and extra time as a consequence of disruptions. The hours are directly related to the projects and contracts and the billable hours and other personal indicators are directly readable.


The contracts consist of several components. In case of Anago, contracts consist of licences, hosting, support and projects. Per contract type calculations can be made by standard prices, discounts and even own formulas. The expected turnover can easily be deduced from the contract management.



Projects are divided up into one or more activities or subprojects. Employees are scheduled to projects on a weekly basis, whereby bottlenecks become clear immediately. Holidays and public holidays are automatically linked to the planning.



Invoicing is often difficult. Many types of contracts with different durations and different components make the process prone to mistakes and time-consuming. Thereby a connection with the actual hour registration is necessary. The invoice process is connected to the contract management, project management and the hour registration. The system automatically signalizes when invoices need to be send.

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