Integral insights through Operational Project Management

By operational project management we do not mean the management of one project as a project leader, but the operational management of all projects of an organisation at the same time. The project leader is responsible for the timeliness of the project and to execute this within the budget. The delivered capacity of the employees in projects are often covered by another responsible such as a team leader or a resource manager. How does one account for an integral insight at all times into the planning of the projects, the occupation of employees and possible bottlenecks?

Anago supports the process of budgeting and planning of the projects on the employee level. Of each employee it is directly known on which projects they are deployed and how much capacity is available.


Because of the unique Anago platform planning applications can be adjusted to the work procedures of the organisation. Examples of this are:

  • adjusting to the planning level and planning horizon
  • introducing extra detail levels within projects such as customers and sub areas
  • support for standard activities
  • filters on knowledge areas, travel distance, etcetera.