Portfolio Planning

Project Portfolio Management is essential in efficiently achieving organisation goals. The support of the planning should be carried out in a simple manner and offer added value to all layers of the organisation. This can only happen if all supportive systems connect for the full 100% to the processes. 

Spreadsheets are often used for the support of project portfolio management and planning. Spreadsheets are easily adjusted to the demand, are easy to work with and offer added value to the user. The only problem is that it is time consuming, prone to errors and non-integrated. We have based the smart planning solutions of Anago on this principle. The project portfolio management solution is rapidly deployable, easy to use and adjustable to the organisation. 

Why does everybody use spreadsheets?

When a project has to be managed, tools such as Microsoft Project exist. This is different when management is needed for multiple projects and programmes at the same time. There is a need for a less detailed insight, but insight is needed in the demand for capacity and knowledge and the availability. Next to the projects there are often other diverse standard activities executed which have to be managed differently than the projects. 

Maturity Model

There exist big differences between organisations when it comes to the design of the project portfolio management process. In some organisations individual projects are planned, but an integrated planning is not present, while in other organisations there is a project management office (pmo) active which supports the organisation. 

The maturity model shows a growth experienced by organisations in improving the planning function.  

In practice many organisations are situated in phase 1 and 2 and it is difficult to make the next step. An important aspect of the model is that it is often not possible for organisations to skip the maturity phase. The development of the organisation is a stepwise development. The vision of Anago is therefore that supportive solutions need to grow along with the organisation. 

Anago Project Portfolio Management

The Anago solution for Project Portfolio Management consists of a series of modules which support the entire trajectory from the concept phase up until the execution of the projects. 

Anago Project Portfolio Management knows two layers:

Portfolio-, programme- and projectmanagement

Depending on the phase, data on the demand for capacity and budget are recorded on portfolio-, programme- or project level. Hereby it is possible to plan on a higher abstraction level in the future and to translate this concretely into projects later on. 

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Tracking and managing the workflow of projects

For every phase of a project the status in terms of progress, revenue, milestones, risks, decision-making and responsible individuals is tracked and monitored. In an orderly progress monitoring it is directly visible who is responsible for the next step. 

Planning of internal and external resources

Based on the demand per skill, the availability of employees and the knowledge matrix, employees are assigned to the projects. This can happen either automatically, in order to gain insights in the capacity bottlenecks, or manually by appointing employees explicitly. 

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Knowledge matrix

The skills of employees are tracked in the knowledge matrix. The knowledge areas are hierarchically classified such that it is possible to first plan a project on global skills and afterwards on more detailed skills. 

Availability planning employees

The availability of internal and external employees is planned based on the contract data of the employees, holiday patterns and reservations for other work activities. Averaged reservations will be replaced by actual information per employee in the short future.

Reports and analyses

The solution offers a continuous insight into the progress and full utilisation of portfolios, programmes and projects for the project leader, resource manager, pmo, principle and employees. 



Sometimes there is a need for specific solutions or expansions that cannot be realised with standard solutions. With the help of the building blocks of the Anago Platform these kind of expansions can easily and rapidly be added to the solution. Examples of expansions or adjustments are: specific hour registrations, cost price calculations and connections to underlying systems such as financial, HR and operational systems. 


The Anago solution integrates seamlessly with the already existing systems such as HR systems, operational project systems, financial systems and hour registrations. The data from the Anago environment can be exported to a data warehouse environment for the purpose of a connection to the standard reporting environment. 


Anago applications are 100% browser based. There are no plugins or other components needed. The application is accessible from every workplace with an internet connection and if set up accordingly, accessible from all over the world. Anago Project Portfolio Management can be hosted as a cloudapplication, but can also run completely on the internal infrastructure of an organisation.


A case of Project Portfolio Planning

A major Dutch supervisor uses Anago for the development of the project planning. Since the organisation exists of fairly autonomous departments, a large diversity of planning methods had arisen. With this, the planning needs for these departments also differed a lot. 

Case PPM.jpg