Resource Management is the effective and efficient deployment of people and resources when necessary. We hereby distinguish between organisations that work project driven and organisations that work process oriented. Examples of process oriented organisations are customer contact centres, professional services organisations, banks, insurance companies, government agencies, etcetera.  

Medium Term Planning

The Medium Term Planning (MTP) is an essential link in Resource Management. This planning ensures the boundary conditions of a successful short term planning and execution.

Issues arising when evaluating the medium term planning are:

  • forecasting demand, including work in progress
  • developments in capacity such as holiday planning, absenteeism and staff turnover
  • developments in knowledge and the planning of education
  • recruitment and selection and the deployment of external employees
  • skill based planning

Short Term Planning

The Short Term Planning (STP) concerns the allocation of employees to short term labour. This may entail assigning employees to processes, activities or workflows, but also dividing the work, for example cases, among employees.

Components of the short term planning are:

  • division of work and assigned dossiers per employee
  • developments in capacity such as overtime
  • deployment of external employees
  • work schedules