100% browser based

Anago's applications are 100% browser based. This means that a browser is the only thing you need in order to use an Anago application. The Anago applications can be hosted by Anago, or run entirely on-premises. 

Anago applications are hosted in data centres in Amsterdam, NL, Londen, UK and Chicago, USA. The systems are fully monitored and managed by Anago. You do not need any special IT capacity and you can make careless use of the applications. The systems are only approachable by the customer organisation and authorised employees of Anago. 

Depending on the size of the applications, the amount of data and the number of users, systems can be adapted to the needs. 


The following services are a part of Anago hosting: 

  • Technical maintenance 
  • Firewall and virus scanners 
  • Encryption of data 
  • Backup and Restore